5 Ways the Power of Yet Boosts Your Motivation and Success

YET Mindset Blog - 5 Ways the Power of Yet Boosts Your Motivation and Success

Do you need help with maintaining motivation? You certainly aren't alone. There are an endless number of disruptions, distractions, and setbacks you may experience. Burnout, low mood, stress, and procrastination are common issues people face when tackling projects. All of those can impact your motivation levels, and once your motivation is derailed, it can be challenging to get it back on track.

Motivation can be tricky, no matter how much you want what you are working toward. But yet can help you boost your motivation! This three-letter word is going to do a lot of heavy lifting.

Fresh Start

While the rest of the world waits for January 1st to kickstart change, you don't need to do that. Instead, you can set new goals, commit to new projects, and start over whenever you want. And that is thanks to the power of yet! With yet, you give yourself the space you need to explore new things, take risks, and fail. So what do you do when you fail? You start over because it isn't your time yet, but it will be.

If you feel bogged down by daunting tasks or unclear paths, give yourself the space to try new things and fail, and know that no matter what, you're just a fresh start away.


If you have ever fallen prey to an overambitious to-do list, then you know the importance of simplicity. Sometimes, what you need the most to achieve is to aim for less. Focus on tackling one task at a time, and if you have a big project, break it down into simpler pieces.

It's easy to fall into the trap of doing too much and achieving nothing. When you do that, it's common to convince yourself it's because you're incapable. The reality is it just hasn't happened yet, but it will. So please keep it simple and harness yet at every opportunity.

5 Minutes

The trick here is it's perfect for people guilty of procrastinating. It's a handy tip you can use to make yourself feel more productive and help you boost those motivation levels.

If you have a hard time getting started, set a timer for five minutes and commit to focusing on the task for that five minutes. You might find yourself saying five minutes isn't up yet, I have to keep going, but that five minutes is more than enough to get you in the flow, and once the timer runs out, you will keep on working. Don't worry; you can keep working past the timer. The idea behind the trick is telling yourself it's only for a short time, but that is enough to get you into the groove of tackling the task.


Gratitude isn't simply being thankful or polite about what you receive. Instead, it's taking time to express gratitude for all the positives in your life because the more you do that, the easier it is to recognize just how much you have. You have plenty, whether it's high self-esteem, a loving partner, supportive children, good health, or a roof over your head.

What about the other stuff that you don't have? The things you dearly want? It just hasn't happened yet, but it will.


Working with a mentor or coach can be an excellent way to harness the power of yet-to-maintain motivation. When you start to slip, someone who understands what you're chasing can help you gain clarity. They can be the little voice saying it hasn't happened yet, but it will. A coach can also help you set clear goals and milestones to keep momentum when things happen.

In conclusion, motivation is tricky to maintain, and setbacks can quickly derail it. But by leveraging the power of yet, you can maintain your motivation and keep going even when the going gets tough. The yet mindset allows you to see the obstacles as opportunities and to recognize that you haven't reached your potential yet, but you will. Using these five tips, you can make the most of the power of yet and stay motivated to reach your goals. And for even more guidance on using the power of "yet" to transform your life, check out the Power of Yet self-coaching guide, available for only $7 on the Mindset Bookstore website. Get your copy today and start unlocking the power of yet in your life!


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