Unlocking the Power of Yet: Transform Your Mindset and Achieve Success

YET Mindset Blog - Unlocking the Power of Yet Transform Your Mindset and Achieve Success

What type of opinion do you hold about yourself?

How you think about yourself and your abilities and traits seriously impact your everyday life performance.

That said, most people spend little time thinking about that. Instead, they make assumptions rather than self-reflecting. Unfortunately, many of those assumptions are rooted in negativity, and they are often opinions we have heard from others. For example, someone calls you lazy, and you internalize it. A teacher constantly commented on how loud and obnoxious you are, and you internalized it. Someone told you that you never tried hard enough, and you internalized it.

Unfortunately, humans are great at remembering the negative things people say about them. Unfortunately, we're not as good at remembering the positives.

Your mindset is vital to debunking those lies you have believed because of other people. And it's key to giving yourself a path to succeed in anything you want.

Growth Versus Fixed

A growth mindset is exactly what it sounds like – a deeply held belief that you can develop your traits, abilities, skills, and talents. If you work hard enough, apply the right strategies, accept the help that comes your way, and shoot your shot – you believe you will succeed.

The opposite of this is the fixed mindset. People with this mindset don't believe they are capable of growing. Instead, they believe they were born with all the skills and abilities they would have for the rest of their lives. So, if you aren't naturally great at baseball, you won't be able to work hard to become great at baseball—or any other activity.

You might not think your mindset matters much regarding whether you are successful, but it can be limiting if you have a fixed mindset. Someone with a fixed mindset will explore what they view as safe opportunities which play to their strengths. Someone with a growth mindset will push the boundaries and see how far they can colour outside the lines on their path to success. They don't mind exposing their weaknesses by sitting in discomfort because weakness is simply an opportunity to grow.

Not Yet

Leaning into your strengths doesn't sound like a terrible idea, but it can backfire because the fewer risks you take, the more opportunities you miss. And not just opportunities for success but to grow, learn, and expand on who you are.

As an example, you have been assigned a new project at work. Do you get excited at the prospect of a new challenge or cross your fingers, hoping for an easy ride? The former is a sign of a growth mindset, while the latter is a fixed mindset. When you receive criticism at work, do you take the feedback on the chin and look at how you can improve, or do you take it as confirmation that you aren't good enough? Again, the former signifies a growth mindset, while the latter indicates a fixed mindset.

A fixed mindset won't provide you with a path to succeed in anything because you will constantly gravitate to things you're comfortable with. So, start the process by identifying your mindset and determining how best to further your growth mindset. Then, look at how to improve, don't fear feedback, and start learning new things. Finally, let yourself make mistakes, practice self-care, set realistic goals, and harness the concept of yet. Whatever it is, you haven't mastered it yet, but you will.

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