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YET - Those three little letters – how can one small word be powerful? 

The Power of Yet: Hope in the Journey

Everyone on the planet is on a journey, and it's a learning one – we're all on the way somewhere and haven't reached our destination yet.

Finding hope can be difficult, particularly in the chaotic world we live in right now. It's hard to imagine ever achieving what we want. That's where the power of yet comes into play.

Yet is hope. It's the belief that even though you haven't achieved what you want, you believe you can.

I'm not the CEO… yet.

But you believe you will be; you believe you can be because, with the power of yet, you have a can-do attitude.

The Growth Mindset and the Power of Yet

The power of yet stems from a growth mindset. So, you can develop a growth mindset to take advantage of the power of yet or seize on the power of yet to contribute to a growth mindset. They feed off of each other.

Just because you haven't finished the task yet, doesn't mean you won't.

Just because you haven't secured that promotion yet, doesn't mean you won't.

You haven't purchased a house yet, but you will.

You haven't met your person yet, but you will.

Everything is a yet if you believe you are capable. If you believe in yourself, you will find it incredibly simple to add yet to the end of a sentence. It transforms a negative sentence or belief into a positive one.

Right now, schools across the country are picking up on the power of yet and using it to motivate students in new, hopeful ways. But, of course, everyone has different skills and levels, and you can't expect a flightless bird to suddenly take flight, nor can you expect a sloth to take off chasing a lion. So instead, it's learning how to harness the skills one does have, and the power of yet is a crucial way to do that.

The Obstacle of a Fixed Mindset

A fixed mindset is one of the biggest obstacles for many people. It's easy to let little obstacles seem much bigger than they are when you nurture a fixed mindset. The more you slip into a fixed mindset, the more significant the obstacle appears and the less likely you are to achieve. You're feeding the cycle; it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. It's challenging to overcome a fixed mindset that took root early because of external pressure. For example, the student whose teachers wrote them off and commented about never amounting to anything. It's easy to internalize someone else's opinion; eventually, you might even start believing it.

A fixed mindset also makes it challenging to recognize the opportunities that always pop up – and if you do notice them, you dismiss them as being too big a dream.

Specific guidance is key to leveraging the power of yet – it's recognizing the effort we put in and how that effort contributes to the bigger picture. Every step forward builds on the last step forward, and the more forward steps you make, the greater the journey seems. Destinations are great, but life is made up of a million little journeys, and believe it or not, that's where the real magic happens.

Humans can't personally fly, but we found a way to get the job done. And so you can you.

You haven't developed that skill yet, but you will.

You haven't visited all the countries you would like to yet, but you will.

Overcoming Obstacles with the Power of Yet

You just have to start believing that you are capable, and once you do, the world will open up, and you will begin to notice all of the incredible opportunities available.

And that is the power of yet. Three little letters make up one mighty word.

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