5 Habits of Highly Focused People That You Can Adopt Today

Mindset Blog - 5 Habits of Highly Focused People That You Can Adopt Today

Psychologist Dan Goleman PhD suggests that concentrating on a task and avoiding distraction is important in our mental toolbox. This ability to focus is key to achieving consistently, while becoming distracted can cause us to fall behind in our efforts.  

The power of focus is a mental muscle that can be flexed and strengthened. As we build our focus, we find things become more manageable. In addition, those with a strong focus tend to exhibit certain traits and habits that foster their ability to concentrate on critical things.

1. Strong Sense of Routine

Psychologist Mariana Plata suggests that routine is key in terms of positive mental health. This is because when we are organized, we know what to expect and are ready to face the challenges. A solid sense of routine is beneficial for mental health and is excellent for promoting focus and creating success. 

Creating a consistent daily routine makes us feel stable and can concentrate on essential things. On the other hand, a lack of control can often leave us feeling unfocused and nervous, leading to mistakes and failures.

2. Eliminate Distractions

Those with a strong ability to focus tend to habitually limit distractions in their lives. Therefore, when something requires close attention, it is important to shut out frivolous things, if only for a while. This may require turning off our cell phones or logging off of social media.

There are countless potential distractions in our daily life; some are unavoidable, but many can be ignored. If you need to create a quiet space to complete an important task, then it is wise to do so. Have only what you need to complete your task and leave anything unnecessary outside the workspace.

3. Self Compassion

Psychologist Michelle P. Maidenberg, PhD, MPH, LCSW-R, CGP, suggests that when we cannot accept ourselves, we invite chaotic emotions into our lives. Self-loathing or hating ourselves makes it hard to focus on things beyond our failings. This is why practising self-compassion is a good habit for the focused. 

We often spend too much time attacking ourselves for not being perfect and spending too much time distracted by our flaws. However, when we are more at peace with ourselves, we can focus far more on things beyond our emotional state.

4. A Sense of Values

Another key to developing focus is to believe sincerely in what you are trying to achieve. This often requires that we understand our values and are willing to follow them. If we know that we want to achieve something based on a strong personal belief, we become more invested and therefore have a stronger focus.

5. Methodical Thinking

As mentioned, chaos does not work well when trying to develop focus. If we do not think in an organized way, we may find it challenging to develop focus. Those with meticulous and methodical thinking abilities naturally find it easier to focus on problems.

Taking time to plan things out and determine the most efficient way of doing things helps us to focus on the challenges ahead. Step-by-step plans are often crucial to maintaining a focused course towards goals.

Final Thoughts

Focused individuals often have a good sense of themselves and understand the need for calm thoughts and actions. In a world full of chaos, those who can stop, breathe, and ignore distractions are the ones who can move forward with purpose.


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