Unlocking Your Full Potential: 5 Ways to Embrace the Yet Mindset

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Who is the most successful person you know? If you were to describe that person, what words would you use? Would you refer to them as intelligent, hard-working, skilful, talented, lucky, or successful? Do you think they worked hard to get where they are, or do you think they got lucky? Do you believe they were born with their skills and traits, or do you think they developed them?

What about your traits? Did you work hard to be a great communicator, or does it come naturally? Did you persist in the face of failure to persevere? Or do you think you're born with it?

Someone who believes these things can be developed has a growth mindset, while someone with a fixed mindset believes you're born with all you're getting, and that's that.

The yet mindset is part and parcel of the growth mindset, the belief that you are capable of anything and that it simply hasn't happened yet, but it will.

How can you take advantage of the yet mindset?

Embrace The Changing Perspective

One of the most powerful aspects of the yet mindset is how embracing a different mindset changes your perspective. People who nurture a yet and growth mindset have a wildly different perspective on failure – it's a good thing. A failure isn't the end of the journey, it's simply a diversion, and before you can progress, you need to learn a lesson. Even the most successful people experience failure. They experience more failure than most because they are willing to put themselves out there and take risks. Start to see failure and challenges as opportunities for growth.


A period of self-reflection is an integral part of the development journey. It's a precious habit that can help you recognize where things are going well and where they aren't and how to apply learnings from both to further your goals. Self-reflection isn't about beating yourself up for missing out or messing up. Instead, it's an opportunity to learn about yourself.

Learn a Little

And the learning shouldn't stop with self-reflection. Everything is constantly changing, and that isn't going to get better. That's the landscape of our world; it's rapid, unpredictable, and continuously evolving. A big part of navigating this type of landscape is staying one step ahead of the curve, and to do that, you need to be willing to evolve. That means you must make time to learn new things and master new traits and skills. Of course, you'll slip, trip, and take some falls, but it's part of the process.

Action Over Traits

You can reward yourself for every new trait you develop; that's a fine thing to do. But your reward focus should be on action instead. Pat yourself on the back for how hard you worked to prepare that project at work, not the traits you used to get there. Celebrate your effort in everything you do rather than a trait, skill, or ability contributing to it.

Use Yet Liberally

One of the key ways to take advantage of the yet mindset is to use the word yet liberally. When discussing your goals and your journey to achieve them, apply the yet every time. You haven't done it yet, but you will, and a constant reminder of that will be central to your success.

Remember, embracing the yet mindset is a powerful way to unlock your potential and achieve success. By reframing failure, adopting a growth mindset, and focusing on action over traits, you can shift your perspective and achieve your goals.

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